Kelli Mayon

Louisiana Flooding 2016

Our thoughts are with you, our WBEs and Corporate Partners, who live and work in the affected communities impacted by the catastrophic flooding in Louisiana. We are hopeful that you, your family, and your employees have weathered this storm. We want you to know that we are here for you.

Here is a list of possible resources that may be available to you, your family, and your business.

Emergency Calls should be made to 911.

American Red Cross                866-438-4636
FEMA Disaster Assistance       800-621-FEMA
Louisiana State Police              800-469-4828 (road closures)
Louisiana State Animal Response Team  800-524-2996

U.S. Small Business Administration

Baton Rouge

Animal Control Services           225-774-7700
Baton Rouge Police Dept         225-289-3831
Baton Rouge Fire Dept             225-354-1400
Baton Rouge Shelters              866-438-4636
DEMCO                                    225-261-1160
Dept of Public Works                225-389-3158
Emergency Medical Services   225-389-3300
Entergy                                     800-9OUTAGE
Special Needs Services           800-349-1372
Louisiana State Police              225-754-8500 (Troop A)Sand Bag Pick up Locations
Baton Rouge
Fire Station 7 – 5758 Claycut
Fire Station 9 – 4025 Perkins Road
Fire Station 13 – 835 Sharp Lane
Fire Station 14 – 4121 Harding Blvd
East Baton Rouge Parish Prison – 2859 Lieutenant General Benjamin Davis, Jr.

Public Works Building on Mississippi Street of Hwy 19
        Central Fire Department Station 31 – 11646 Sullivan Road
Central Fire Department Station 32 – 4864 Monticello Boulevard
Central Fire Department Station 35 – 10626 Lovett Road

Youth Park – 1650 East Mount Pleasant Rd.


Animal Control Services          337-291-5644
Lafayette Police Dept              337-232-9211
Lafayette Fire Dept                  225-354-1400
Lafayette Shelters                    866-438-4636
Louisiana State Police             337-262-5880 (Troop I)
Dept of Public Works               337-291-8517
Special Needs Services           800-349-1372

Apply online 
Apply by phone 800-621-3362
Find additional resources 
Find the closest Disaster Recovery Center

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