Ensure your benefits do not lapse by confirming that you are receiving emails from WBENC as well as WBEC South.

You will be notified by WBENC via e-mail approximately three months before your expiration date with a link to log in to your WBENCLink profile to complete the Recertification Form.

If you are due for a on-site visit, please have your application and all documentation submitted to the WBEC South office at least two months before your expiration date. If you are not sure whether you will need a on-site visit, contact our office at (504) 830-0149 for the status of your file.

Remember, recertification is not automatic and the process may take approximately 30 to 90 days, depending on whether a on-site visit is needed.


Recertification fees based on annual revenue:
Less than $1 Million – $350
$1M but less than $5M – $500
$5M but less than $10M – $750
$10M but less than$50M – $1000
$50M and over – $1250