NuAngel, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer of quality products for mothers and infants. The NuAngel product line has grown to include many products for nursing mothers, infants, and beyond.

Teresa P. Carroll, President

Teresa P. Carroll, President

Since its start more than two decades ago, NuAngel has always ensured that they provide quality products to meet the needs of their customers. “A woman owned business symbolizes the empowerment of women to accomplish their goals and dreams. We utilize the tagline, ‘Made by Mothers for Mothers’, to motivate and encourage our employees to produce the very best products and services available. Women taking pride in their work while striving for excellence is vital to success.”

Formula for Success
Even though you’re doing all that you can to ensure your company runs smoothly, sometimes unfortunate circumstances arise. “With the down turn of the economy, lost contracts forced us to regroup and search for other ways to expand our business. Sales targets and strategies had to be adjusted. Although we experienced sudden and dramatic changes, the loss of contracts helped us realize our potential in other markets.”
Teresa knows that WBENC certification is an integral part of helping her business thrive. It has helped open the business up to prime customers. “This certification has given credibility to our business and has helped open doors. We are now selling to Walmart, the largest retailer in the world. With the encouragement and information I have obtained from others, we have increased the sales for our company. Certification has provided the boost we needed.”

Inspiration & Insights
Teresa leaves a few tips for fellow women business owners:
“Growing a business takes prayer, passion, and persistence. If one doesn’t enjoy what they are doing, the business will probably not be successful. One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Success is 99% failure.’ Being persistent even when things are not going well is a major factor in being successful. Lastly, Prayer is vital. Prayer is essential for guidance, direction and fulfillment in business.
Also, be kind, be tough, be savvy, be resilient, and be diligent. Remember, when times seem the darkest, hold on tight, because the light will shine again.”

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