2016 January WBE Spotlight: Benefits Connection, LLC

Benefits Connection, LLC is an Employee Benefits firm specializing in the design, communication, enrollment, and employee and retiree benefit related programs .


Kelly Walker, sole owner and operator of Benefits Connection, LLC, established it 2003 in hopes of skyrocketing her company to higher heights. She knew all eyes would be on her and welcomed it. “Being a woman business owner allows me to serve as a role model to other young women. It’s a great accomplishment for anyone.”

Formula for Success
Staying on top of the daily functions of the company and retaining clients can often times become a tough balancing act. “The biggest obstacle we have had to face is having to regroup and rebuild after losing a client that had grown to over 70% of our business when they formed their own GPO. It was a very stressful time and meant letting go of most of our staff that had been with me since we began. We have since expanded our services and operate with a very lean staff and are recovering.” Although her company has faced some difficulties, it persevered and has relied on certification to help along the way. “The opportunities that are available to women business owners are phenomenal. The lasts two years have been very successful for us in being awarded subcontracting opportunities. The networking and relationships are a great benefit to me.”

Inspiration & Insights
Never give up. Stay involved with the community and people in your industry. Ask questions and partner with other women who are in related fields so that you can work together as opportunities arise.