Automation and Design Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic fingerprint transmission systems in Mississippi and Alabama. They offer multiple biometric solutions in the civil and criminal arenas.

Carolyn Rains, President

Carolyn Rains, President

Automation Designs & Solutions, Inc. is in its 26th year of operation and Carolyn Rains is proud to be one of the leading trailblazers in her industry. AD&S has developed various software products which are used by government entities and with more developments on the horizon, their momentum is not slowing down.
Carolyn understands the importance of women owned businesses and prides herself on being an entrepreneur. “It is very important that women embrace entrepreneurship. We are in a culture where the role of women has changed significantly from the traditional role assumed previously in society.  Many breadwinners are now women who must provide for their household for various reasons; from being a single mom, to being a contributor to the family’s income in order to provide more opportunities for children.”

Formula for Success
Obstacles always present themselves, especially when running a business. Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy and is most times a balancing act. “Controlling the bottom line as a small business without having to forfeit the needed talent to produce quality products, and yet compete with the large corporations in the marketplace”, Carolyn adds, is often a stumbling block.
AD&S uses their WBENC certification status to their advantage to keep up with industry opportunities and news. “Certification provides a gateway to meet others who provide encouragement, tips, and just plain good advice.  Networking events provide a venue of new ideas and prospects.  The certification is yet another opportunity to present the company on a more professional level, and validate that the company is a woman-owned business.”

Inspiration & Insights
Simply put, Carolyn believes you can grow your business with: Commitment, Networking, and Marketing.
“One of the most important and rare qualities that you and your team must possess that so many is Great Customer Service. This must come from the top (you) down and be instilled in the people you hire and work with.  Unless you have someone providing a capital infusion, lean toward a service or product that does not require a large capital outlay in order to financially survive the beginning of marketing where your income has not been stabilized, or where your product or service is seasonal.”

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