McPherson|Berry & Associates, Inc. is a human capital management firm. Their services and products help improve leadership effectiveness, bring productivity to new heights, and assists in building capable teams through HR consulting services and organizational development for small businesses and corporations.

LaSonya Berry, CEO

LaSonya Berry, CEO

McPherson|Berry & Associates, Inc. provides HR for small businesses, programs, and specialized training to help strengthen organizational development. With nearly 15 years as a business owner, LaSonya Berry recognizes the relevance of being an entrepreneur. “Women business owners were once a rare find. I am proud to be among the explosion women business entrepreneurs. I’m an example and mentor to other future female entrepreneurs. This opportunity helps me demonstrate that you can create your own path, survive the unfamiliar, and pave the way for the next level of success.”

Formula for Success
The economic downturn affected a multitude of businesses and McPherson|Berry wasn’t exempt. “The biggest obstacle my business has faced is surviving in a saturated market during challenging economic times. It helped me fine tune our value proposition, get in better alignment with customer needs, and provide tailored solutions. Without those obstacles, I wouldn’t have that extra drive to be better.”
Learning to readjust your business is very important and implementing WBENC certification to help advance and shift your company is always a good practice. “My firm has become a better supplier because of the access to information, people, and opportunities. Certification provides my business creditability and clients that understand the importance of certification. The greatest benefits I have received as a WBE is the educational and developmental opportunities. I’ve learned best practices and strategies to be successful from other WBEs.”

Inspiration & Insights
“Remain relevant and innovative. Secondly, build relationships strategically to protect your brand, intellectual capital, and clients. Lastly, keep the right perspective. Challenges build best practices and opportunities.”

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